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Sanjay Viswakarma, the main person behind this company, is a name with lots of experience in GPS industry and that’s why his endeavour invokes tremendous respect from every quarter. Insight IT Data Management Pvt Ltd, the company Mr Vishwakarma founded and nurtured, has been a major player in Indian IT Sector and e governance also surveillance and security industry. He has worked relentlessly to bring this technology to the common man in India as ‘GPS INDIA’ entered the Indian market as a riches pleasure object. For years, he has worked in this industry, has seen all the evolution of GPS industry and has gained valuable insight, be it personal security or professional fleet management, tracking of elderly or tracking of kids and pets. GPS INDIA has dedicated itself to one cause, to bring every benefit of GPS systems to every Indian.

We have adhered to only one business principle, to give value for money to our customers. There are many companies who sell, re-sell and even cross sell their products. They are committed to profit making but we are committed to delivering quality. We have included in into our mission to be different from them. We believe in advising out our clients about the best possible solution for free. We will give you the solution you need and not the product we want to sell. They are two totally different things. We have earned trust, faith and belief of our customers, which is much more important to us than instant profit. They trust us like family friends and listen to what we suggest. As a GPS solution provider, this is what we have achieved.

We have a great stock of products you can choose from. Our inventory is all from certified vendors and none of our competitors can match this stock. Each product has passed a thorough quality check and adheres to both Indian and International standards. Not only our manufactures test it and certify it but we check it again so our customers get only the best products. We understand how important the function of GPS vehicle tracker can be and nothing but the deadly accurate gadgets should reach our customers. We also run a real-life on-road test apart from the lab tests. Thus, when you buy a personal tracker or car tracker, bike tracker or a professional fleet management system, you can stay assured of the quality. If you are looking for one stop solution for all your tracking needs, you have come to the right place.


‘GPS INDIA’ is the finest retailer and wholesaler of GPS and tracking devices you can find in India. With impeccable quality, great service and world-class products, ‘GPS INDIA’ is unique in its offering in every possible way.

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