GPS INDIA’ have made commercial fleet management an easy job. It can be a very tiring job, yes, even in this mobile era, if you don’t have a proper GPS system installed in each cargo of your fleet. The manager must be fed every bit of relevant data every second. This is a demanding job but fleet management is very important job either. The success in fleet management often defines the success or the failure of a company. Some of the importance of fleet management is:

  • You might need to deliver products to all over the country. For example, if you are in FMCG, you need to deliver your product to the wholesalers around India.
  • You might need fleet management to deliver goods or procure goods from your suppliers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers.
  • You might be an OEM producer and need to manage a steady supply chain in your factory. If your fleet management is at fault, your production might come to a halt or the supply can overflow.
  • If you are delivering perishable products, you will need the best possible supply chain management as these products don’t last long.
  • You might have a geographically diverse production system where you need to bring in items from all your workshop to the final assembling workshops.

Whichever of these might be applicable on you, unless you have a fleet management system which is controlling every movement of you fleets, in case you have more than one fleet which is very possible, you can not only lose your money but also your professional reputation. Will you really take that risk or allow ‘GPS INDIA’ to help you to regain total control of your fleets? Some of the key benefits of our fleet management system are:

  • You know the exact location of your fleet in real-time.
  • You get to know if any driver is violating the speed regulations.
  • You know if the fleet is following the planned route or deviating from it.
  • You know how long your fleet stopped for and exactly where.
  • You know if your fleet is right on time or lagging behind.
  • You know the direction of movement, speed and exact location of every truck in real-time.
  • You get to know the whole picture of the fleet and individual details of every truck in that fleet.

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‘GPS INDIA’ is the finest retailer and wholesaler of GPS and tracking devices you can find in India. With impeccable quality, great service and world-class products, ‘GPS INDIA’ is unique in its offering in every possible way.

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