Personal tracking devices are maturing in India where we are a major contributor. Our revolutionary tracking devices, for both personal and professional purposes, have made it possible for everyone to adopt and afford GPS tracking system.

Personal tracking is very different from professional tracking. A fleet manager needs a completely different set of features than a son might need for his elderly father. We understand this difference and that is why we have a very dedicated and separate personal tracking division. Personal security systems stress upon the emotional safety rather than financial safeguard. From our decades of experience, we have pointed out three reasons why an Indian might want to use personal tracking systems.

  • Tracking kids: We just love babies and yet babies make us so worried at times when they sneak out to explore the newly discovered kingdom of the neighbourhood. As kidnapping is at record high in India, the moment we can't find our babies where we expected to find them, the worst fears creep in our minds. You can keep him safe from any such danger by attaching a tracking device to him or her. Let them enjoy every fun childhood has to offer while you can relax, knowing where exactly your precious is right now.
  • Tracking elders: old age can bring amnesia along with the obvious, frail health. So many times we see an elder trying to find his way home and can't remember the address or the way back to his residence. If you are a busy person who can't always go with him, you can still keep him safe by attaching a personal tracking device to him. The gadgets from GPS INDIA will tell you exactly where he is and you can rescue him out of his misery. Some models also come with an SOS button which can alert you when the old man is lost somewhere.
  • Tracking pets: We have often sold personal tracking devices to pet owners who want to have their pets safe. Not only a pet is a costly thing nowadays but also a lot of emotions are attached to it. Unlike human, police won’t help you much either, if you have lost your pet. We strongly recommend a pet tracking system from GPS INDIA which is a tiny investment compared to the safety you achieve.

Get in touch with us today to enquire exactly what type of personal tracking devices you need and we will be obliged to discuss.

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