GPS INDIA is offering a whole range of GPS products which will help you to serve every tracking purpose you might ever have. Personal car tracking, person, kid & pet tracking, professional fleet management or very easy bike tracking system, we have everything in our store. You just need to mention your need. We have the best quality products, easily comparable to western standards but we have kept the price affordable for every Indian. Not only the latest hardware but we also use the most updated tracking software which can come together to serve you the most exact geo location of any property. Our GPS vehicle tracking systems are fully built and are ready to use instantaneously. In fact, hardly there is any company in India which can match the range of our offerings. We also make sure that Indian law and regulatory bodies approve of our GPS tracking system equipments. We always run a thorough quality check for Indian. road conditions and a radiation adherence test to obey the rules of the Indian government. Two different quality checks, add to that the simulated quality tests at the laboratory to take the total count of the tests to three, make our products just unbeatable. Thus, our products serve you best in real-life situations.


We always buy GPS tracking devices from reputed manufacturers from all over the world and thus, our customers are always satisfied with our products. We have dominated the Indian GPS industry since our birth only due to our commitment to quality. We are so confident of our products that we offer long warranties on each one of them. Ask our clients how satisfied they are with whatever GPS device we offer. What you can't achieve when using our products??!! You will be in total control of your fleet or personal car. You can check whoever is not performing his duty or deviating from the standard rules of the company. You can know if your pet is lost somewhere or your elderly father can't find his way back to home. You can breathe easy knowing your toddler has been playing in the neighbourhood and not been kidnapped. If you want your business to have improved ROI, your customers to love you, a peaceful, safe and secure personal life, get in touch with GPS INDIA. We are just a phone call away.


‘GPS INDIA’ is the finest retailer and wholesaler of GPS and tracking devices you can find in India. With impeccable quality, great service and world-class products, ‘GPS INDIA’ is unique in its offering in every possible way.

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